I Think Someone Put Roots On My Grandfather

Just so you know, I never did meet the man, my father’s father I mean. To hear my father tell it, they both caught some sickness at the same time. My father was about seven or eight then, and I understand that his mother, my grandmother, was spared of this event.

I don’t have any pictures of my grandfather. This would have been around 1947 or 1948, when they got sick. Of course, we live in a different world now. We are bombarded by pictures everywhere and all the time. But back then it was still something special.

According to my father, my grandfather was a supervisor of some sort, something to do with tobacco farming. It was supposedly a really big deal. Men like my grandfather, black men, didn’t hold positions of that type, and some white men weren’t even allowed to either. But the story goes that my grandfather was fired from this job after “stealing” tobacco, even though the common practice was that people (I don’t know who…remember this is my father’s version) could keep tobacco that fell from the truck.

Sometime after that firing, both my father and grandfather became ill. My father suvived. My grandfather did not. I’ve been toldĀ that someone put roots on the man and killed him.

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9 responses to “I Think Someone Put Roots On My Grandfather”

  1. MandalynC says :

    My dad’s side has stories of people putting roots (or attempting to put roots) on the family.

    The one that I remember best is that my grandmother had a rival, known to dabble in roots, who was jealous of her for some reason.

    When my grandfather died, this rival brought over a cake. But my grandmother refused to allow anyone to eat it and instructed them to throw it out to the dogs.

    Well after the dogs ate the cake, they all ran away.

    So the assumption was that this woman had put a root on the cake to make my grandmother’s children (11 of them) leave her.

    There was some crazy stuff going on in the South (or at least my part of NC) back in the day.

    • the peeling cheek writer says :

      Great story. I love that the dogs ran away. Yes, crazy stuff seems to reside in the South. It doesn’t seem to have an address and visits all over the place as a result. It does make me wonder what kind of cake it was though.

  2. chris says :

    Root are real some one put roots on me , I was dateing this guy my kids father he told me he didnt want me to work just stay home raise the the kids, every i would go pick his check up from his job he would always say just pay the bills and leave me 25 dollars and the rest is yours well i had this girl i throught was my friend say she didnt have a place to stay i let her come stay with me and she seen how good i had it she wanted that so i started to get sick all the time now i wasnt but 23 yrs old at the time theres alot i didnt no to make a lng story short she had me rooted her and her mom i took sick the doctors didnt no what was wrong with me i had swollen so big the doctors say we cant find out whats wrong my aunt say some one got root on you she got me out that hospital and took me to this man in ga. when he got thew with me i felt better i went back home and my man was gone he had life with the girl i let stay with me he was walking around town like a zombie i found a kotex that i had use buried under my step thats why i bleed like i did roots are real.

  3. jacquilla says :

    how do you get it off of you?who do you go to?

  4. DocConjure says :

    For more information on roots, a.k.a. hoodoo or conjure, visit my blogs below:




    I regularly write on the topic as I’m a worker. People focus on the evil people who use it to harm but it is truly meant to help people. If you have any questions you can also send them to me at my emails provided at the blogs. I think it’s important to preserve the teachings of the old ways because other wise it could die out. Most people are only 1-2 generations removed from the practice, meaning that most people in the South had either grandparents or great-grandparents who were workers! I bet people would be shocked to discover that!

  5. linda daniels says :

    I KIND OF NO WHAT YOU ARE TALK ABOUT. My life have been a living hell’ every man i get they run away from me after about the second date.I THINK SOMEONE HAVE ROOT ON ME.

  6. Anonymous says :

    How do you get it off you an keep it off?


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